Tour Stops

If you love beer, wine, and spirits, there’s plenty of fantastic choices to be made in Harford and Baltimore counties, and we’ve partnered with these talented brewers and winemakers to create an unforgettable tour experience. Hop on a Public Tour with us and we’ll get you safely to three different stops we’ve chosen, or if you’re looking for a more tailored experience, try a Private Tour, and choose your own destination(s)!


Whether you enjoy pints or flights, IPAs or stouts, town hustle or farm views, we’ve got you covered with a full list of breweries in the area:

Alecraft Brewery
Big Truck Farm Brewery
Double Groove Brewing
Falling Branch Brewery
Hopkins Farm Brewery
Independent Brewing Company
Inverness Brewing
Key Brewing
Pooles Island Brewing
Slate Farm Brewery
Wineries and Distilleries

If you understand terms like dry, oaky, floral, or velvety, then these wineries, vineyards, and distilleries can’t wait to tell you all about their delicious local creations: